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Northern Eastern Tanzania Destination

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Northern Eastern Tanzania Destination

Why Go?
Northeastern Tanzania’s highlights are its coastline, its mountains and its cultures. These, combined with the area’s long history, easy access and lack of crowds, make it an appealing focal point for a Tanzania sojourn. Visit the moss-covered ruins at Kaole and Tongoni, step back to the days of Livingstone in Bagamoyo, relax on palm-fringed beaches around Pangani or explore Saadani, a seaside national park. Inland, hike forested footpaths in the Usambaras while following the cycle of market days of the local Sambaa people. Learn about traditions of the Pare, or experience the bush in seldom-visited Mkomazi National Park.

read more close Most of the northeast is within a half-day’s drive or bus ride from Dar es Salaam or Arusha, and there are good connections to Zanzibar. Main roads are in decent condition and there is a wide range of accommodation.

  • Bagamoyo
  • Saadani National Park
  • Pangani
  • Tanga
  • Amboni Caves
  • Usambara Mountains
  • Pare Mountains
  • Mkomazi National Park

  • Best for Nature
  • Amani Nature Reserve
  • Saadani National Park
  • Maziwe Marine Reserve

  • Best for Culture
  • Usambara Mountains
  • Pare Mountains

  • Northeastern Tanzania Highlights
  • Lazing on the long, white beaches around Pangani, while getting a taste of Swahili history and culture.
  • Hiking along winding footpaths in the scenic Usambara Mountains.
  • Snorkeling around Maziwe Marine Reserve
  • Stepping back into history in the former colonial capital of Bagamoyo, with its carved doorways and old buildings.
  • Relaxing on the beach and watching wildlife in and near Saadani National Park
  • Getting acquainted with local culture in the Pare Mountains
  • Exploring the bush in Mkomazi National Park

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