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Saadani National Park Tanzania

Saadani National Park Tanzania

About 70km north of Bagamoyo along a lovely stretch of coastline, and directly opposite Zanzibar, is tiny Saadani National Park a 1000-sq-km patch of coastal wilderness. Unpretentious and relaxing, it bills itself as one of the few spots in the country where you can enjoy the beach and watch wildlife at the same time. It’s easily accessed from both Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar as an overnight or weekend excursion and is a good choice if you don’t have time to explore further afield, although it cannot compare with Tanzania’s better-known parks and reserves. About 25km north of Saadani’s northern Madete Gate is the long, mostly deserted and stunningly beautiful Sange beach, with several places to stay.
To the south of the reserve is the languidly flowing Wami River, where you’ll see hippos, crocodiles and many birds, including lesser flamingos (in the delta between July and October), fish eagles, hamerkops, Kingfishers and bee-eaters.
While terrestrial wildlife-watching opportunities are modest, animals are definitely present. In addition to hippos and crocs, it’s quite likely that you’ll see giraffes, and elephant spotting are increasingly common (we saw a herd of 50-plus on one visit). With luck, you may see Lichtenstein’s hartebeests and even lions, although these are more difficult to spot. Birding is very good.


Walking Safaris

Walking safaris are a good way to get a taste of the bush and of Saadani’s more subtle attractions. They are available in dry season only.

Boat Safaris

Boat safaris) are very relaxing and enjoyable. There is a chance you may spot hippos, crocs and many birds, and it’s interesting to watch the vegetation along the Wami River’s banks change with the decreasing salinity of the water as you move upstream. In some sections there are also marked variations between the two banks, with areas of date palms and lush foliage on one side, and whistling thorn acacias reminiscent of drier areas of the country on the other.

Wildlife Drives

You’ll likely need to explore off main routes for the best wildlife watching; during the rains, take care not to drive through Saadani’s notorious black cotton soil when detouring.

Saadani Village Visit
This tiny, scruffy village, just south of the main park area, doesn’t look like much today, but it was once a major local port. You can still see the crumbling walls of an Arab-built fort that was used as a holding cell for slaves before they were shipped to Zanzibar. During German colonial times the fort served as the customs house. Short walking tours with local guides can be arranged at the Saadani Tourist Information Office, opposite the village.

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