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Pare Mountains

Pare Mountains

The lovely and seldom visited Pare Mountains, divided into northern and southern ranges, lie southeast of Kilimanjaro and northwest of the Usambara range. Like the Usambaras, they form part of the ancient Eastern Arc chain, and their steep cliffs and forested slopes host a number of unique birds and plants. Also like the Usambaras, the Pares are densely populated, with many small villages linked by a network of paths and tracks. The main ethnic group here is the Pare (also called the Asu). While there are some historical and linguistic differences among various Pare groups, socially they are considered to be a single ethnic entity.
The Pare Mountains are not as developed for tourism as the Usambaras, and you’ll be mostly on your own when exploring. Thanks to the relative isolation, the traditions and folklore of the Pare have remained largely untouched. Unlike the Usambaras, there is no major developed infrastructure base from where you can take a series of hikes.
The best way to begin exploration is to head to Same and then up to Mbaga (for the south Pares) or to Usangi (for the north Pares). From both Usangi and Mbaga there are hikes ranging from half a day to three days or more, and English-speaking guides can be arranged.

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