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This is a late afternoon trip which gives new experience to tourists who love unique photos and enjoying the evening sailing in a dhow.
Sunset show cruise is a daily trip which can be done either in stone town or nungwi beach, if tourist main point is only sunset we highly recommend that they can do it at the closer destination to avoid transport costs, but there are those who require something specifically for example sunset dhow cruise in stone town has got unique and magnificent flavor due to the amazing sea front of the ancient town, the view of the sultan buildings and the harmonious dhows and the forodhani garden. While for those who decide to sail within nungwi beach they may experience peculiar scenario where as range of beach bungalows give what is seemed as truly touristic destination. LEARN MORE


is a half day fishing adventure starts by 7:00am and ends just around 11am to 12pm, this trip is a very good experience for those who seek the knowledge on how fishing experience is practiced on Zanzibar. With our local captain you will be taken near the bawe island where the place is mostly known for schools of tropical fish within a protected coral reefs, after you have fished enough number you may also smoke some of your favorites,LEARN MORE


This a full day trip near the mnemba atoll which tourists may get essential opportunity to experience first class snorkeling adventure
Mnemba atoll trip is considered as first priority to those who love to do snorkeling, the atoll is surrounded by the clear and turquoise waters with full of virgin coral reef, tropical fish like Arowana. Arowana are highly sought after fish, barbs, clown Loach, black ghost knife fish, betta, tunas, salmons, cichlids,cory catfish, angelish...LEARN MORE


This dolphin watching tour is a morning boat trip at the famous village of kizimkazi, the tour takes roughly 2 to 3 hours in the sea. Snorkeling is also included
The Dolphin tour takes place in the southernmost part of the island, precisely in the quaint Kizimkazi fishing village. Here many dolphins live happily in a natural setting, and so you will be able to see them in their best possible scenario. In fact this is the perfect place for dolphin watching in Zanzibar and it is also well known all around the world. There are bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins. The dolphins can easily be seen while you sail on the boat from the village. You may also include in swimming as well as snorkeling...LEARN MORE


This is a half day trip which allow you to take some pictures with red–colobus monkeys, nature walk and turtles swamps visiting
The Jozani Forest Tour in Zanzibar is a highly popular tour as there is a great deal to enjoy in this forest. If you would like to see the red colobus moneys in Zanzibar, then this is the tour for you as these rare monkeys can be found here and they are not to be seen anywhere else in the whole world. The Jozani Forest is also the home to many beautiful creatures, and so for anyone who loves nature, this is a fabulous tour...LEARN MORE


Safari blue trip in Zanzibar is a full day sea adventure tour with lots of fascinating things including swimming, snorkeling, sea foods testing and sailing on a traditional dhow.
The Safari Blue Trip in Zanzibar is yet another popular tour that we have been organizing for quite a while. This tour is the perfect option for sea lovers, and those who would like the opportunity of experiencing the sea and sea creatures in a unique way. This tour is in fact not only about a traditional boat trip or swim, as you will be able to do more than that...LEARN MORE


The Prison Island tour Zanzibar is a really interesting tour. While there is not a great deal to be done on the island itself, the sights this tour will be able to offer you are simply unique. Simply consider the tortoises which are so old and big that they will surely intrigue you and it is not easy to find them anywhere else. Secondly, there is the history of the island. Additionally you may wish to note that the snorkeling you can do here is quite different from how you get to experience it in other places. The seafloor is filled with sea creatures, and so if you love snorkeling this trip is simply a must. The reef particularly is really beautiful. The boat trip is also a pleasant experience as you get to see the area while enjoying the sea, the breeze and the nature...LEARN MORE


Spice Tour in Zanzibar is a 2 to 3 hours guided tour within a spice and tropical fruits plantation, tourists may buy some fresh spices by the end of the tour You may not know that Zanzibar is commonly also referred to as the Spice Island, and this is why this tour makes a lot of sense. It sheds light on the interesting history of Zanzibar in this field. Over the centuries, various spices were taken from Zanzibar to the Sultan of Oman across the Indian Ocean. This used to be done by the dhows by trying to take advantage of the seasonal trade winds. So spices have made up an important part of Zanzibar’s history, and are still important to this day. The cloves, nutmeg, pepper and cinnamon are just some of the spices that Zanzibar is well known for...LEARN MORE


Zanzibar Stone Town Tour is a walking half day activity which starts from the heart of historical Zanzibar Stone town; Join this amazing walking tour of captivating stone town where a knowledgeable guide will take you via the narrow streets of the nineteen century old town, much of which remains unchanged to this day. Visit the highlights of this historical town including the House of Wonders; a palace constructed for the second Sultan of Zanzibar, Sultan Palace, Arab Old Fort, Anglican Cathedral and the amazingly moving Slave Market. This tour offers a real insight into the culture and history of this exotic island...LEARN MORE

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