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Zanzibar Jozani Forest tour

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Jozani Forest
Tour Highlights
  • Is a walking tour near the red-colobus mokeys
  • It is 2 to 3 hours leisurely walking within the forest
  • The tour is private only for you and your partners
  • It is advisable to wear decent clothes (not beach costumes)
  • The only opportunity to take closer photos with monkeys
  • It has no restrictions to any age
Tour Description

The Zanzibar Jozani Forest tour is a half day tour. During this time you will be intrigued with many memorable natural sites, and you will surely get great value for money. Many tourists combine this tour with the Dolphin Tour, which is also a half day tour. You will be able to fill a day with lots of activities, sights and memorable experiences if you book the Jozani Forest tour and the Dolphin tour.

But, let us focus on what the Jozani Forest Tour can offer you. We will head directly to the beautiful Jozani Forest Reserve to start our guided tour. The tour lasts for about three hours, and you will be given the opportunity to choose which attractions you would like to visit as one may choose individual ones, or all of them.

The tour will start off in the Jozani natural forest where you will surely love to see the trees, shrubs and greenery which literally create a natural canopy. We will walk together through the nature trail of the forest, where you will be able to see several species of animals, including the red colobus monkeys. For those who manage to spot them, there are also the Zanzibar Sykes’ monkey breed and the Bush baby.

The Jozani Forest is also the home of some 40 different species of birds and about 50 species of butterflies too. You will also be able to appreciate the mangrove trees and a whole assortment of plants. In fact Jozani Forest is where several plants and trees grow, from which natural remedies are derived. For this reason many refer to the Jozani forest as a natural pharmacy.

The Jozani Forest is not just a forest, but actually a whole natural park. In fact it is now known as the JozaniChwaka Bay National Park. It spreads over a 50 km sq area, and it is the only national park that you can visit in Zanzibar. So a visit to this site is surely going to be worth your while. It is a tranquil place which will enable you to appreciate nature and for those who love natural settings it is truly worth a visit.

The Jozani Forest Tour is a private tour and the time will vary from day to day. The tour may start anytime between 9am and 4pm.

The price includes:
  • Guide fee
  • Dinner in stone town (including tasting of different foods on tour
  • Transfer to and from your hotel
From: $75 per person


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