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Safari blue
Tour Highlights
  • Is a full day sea adventure trip
  • starts from 9:30am and ends by 4pm
  • The tour is group-shared trip with other
  • come with beach costumes and get ready get wet
  • Snorkeling activity is not much longer
  • It has no restrictions to any age
Tour Description

First of all this is a full day tour. Consequently you are going to have the opportunity of spending a full day packed with different options. As a full day sea safari, the dhow departs from Fumba Beach at 9am, and generally we get back at around 3:30pm.

One of the main attractions of this tour is the 200 year old baobab tree. Many try to climb this tree so as to try to reach the top and enjoy the spectacular views from up there. Within its hollow trunk there are also coconut crabs living, so you might even be able to see one of these gigantic crabs.

During this tour you will also be given a guided tour of the well known mangrove lagoon. This is practically hidden away in Kwale Island, and if it were not for this tour you will not be able to visit this marvellous place. Being able to swim in this protected mangrove forest is quite simply an unforgettable experience, and many refer to it as a natural swimming pool. During high tide the experience is even more memorable.

You will also be able to see the naturally occurring sandbanks which the Menai Bay Conservation Society has said to be safe for swimming. So you could also take a dip there. Many tourists commented on the great time they had simply relaxing in gorgeous natural settings which are not to be easily found in many countries. The turquoise waters are crystal clear and you could easily manage to see dolphins swimming around the area.

This is simply quite like heaven on earth – ever imagined swimming in blue waters, or sunbathing on the white sandy beach with coconuts all above you – well, this is what it is like during this tour. We organize several different tours in Zanzibar but the full day Zanzibar blue safari trip is quite simply one of the most memorable ones. No wonder it is so popular! It is the kind of tour that allows you to truly relax and have the time of your life. You will simply forget all about your worries and the hectic life you lead because once you are able to indulge in such beautiful settings you will simply be living a dream. However, this is not a dream as it can be a reality.

The price includes:
  • Guide fee
  • Dinner in stone town (including tasting of different foods on tour
  • Transfer to and from your hotel
From: $75 per person


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