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Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Experience activities

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Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Experience activities

Mto wa Mbu is situated on the way from Arusha to the national parks in northern Tanzania, just at the foot of the Rift Valley. Located on the way to Ngorongoro and Serengeti, it is an ideal resting place for most safari travelers to experience the authentic cultural tour.

TukTuk tour (2 - 3 Hours)
Explore mto wa mbo village with three wheel visit banana farms, and rice farms, and learn the economic system of the village

Climbing Balaa Hill (3 - 6 hours)
Climb to the top of the Rift Valley wall for breath-taking views of Lake Manyara, the village of Mto wa Mbu, and the Maasai Steppe beyond. Also, see a diverse array of local bird species and magnificent 2,000-year-old baobab trees.

Maasai Boma tour (3 - 4 hours)
Visit a Maasai boma and see the lifestyle of this legendary tribe up close. Along with a guided tour of the boma and an introduction to the local Maasai population, tribesmen will offer to paint traditional Maasai tattoos for visitors and even let them milk their prized cows.

Maasai Market tour (2-4 hours)
Hundreds of Maasai gather each Thursday afternoon at the busting Maasai market, where visitors have the chance to see their crafts and taste their food, including the famous Maasai BBQ. A larger, village-wide market occurs on the 22nd of each month.

Village walks (2-4 hours) Get an inside look at the homes and exquisite craft of Mto wa Mbu’s many tribes. Visitors will get a chance to meet locals and learn about banana beer, Makonde woodcarvings, and tribal painting techniques; the village provides a great introduction to everyday life in Africa.

Farm tour (1-4 hours)
See the innovative farming practices of Mto wa Mbu villagers and learn about the irrigation system that sustains local crops, including the 32 varieties of bananas.

Miwaleni Waterfall and Lake tour (3-5 hours)
Bike or hike to this impressive lake and waterfall, both lined with thriving papyrus plants. At night, leopards and hippos frequent the area, but during the day, visitors can swim in the refreshing pool beneath the falls.

Biking to Lake Manyara (2-5 hours) Bike to the coast of one of Africa’s most majestic lakes and get an amazing opportunity to view wildlife like zebras, giraffes, hippos, and buffaloes at close range in this corridor of migration between the national parks.

Lunch at Mama’s (1-2 hours) Enjoys a delicious, home cooked meal in a local Mom’s home; Over lunch, the guide will provide a history of the region and the many stories about local tribes.

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