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Musoma Tanzania

Musoma Tanzania

Little Musoma, capital of the Mara region, sits serenely on a Lake Victoria peninsula with both sunrise and sunset views over the water. It’s one of those African towns with nothing special on offer other than an inexplicable appeal. There are banks and internet cafes along and just off Mukendo Rd.

Matvilla Beach

The best thing to do in Musoma is visit Matvilla Beach at the tip of the peninsula (follow Mukendo Rd, Musoma’s main street, and north of downtown for 1.5km) with its pinky-grey granite boulders. It’s prime sunset-watching-with-a-beer territory – and there are bars there to help you with that.

Mwigobero Market

Mwigobero Market is on the city’s eastern shore. Small lake boats to nearby islands and villages load and unload passengers and cargo here.

German Boma

History buffs may enjoy the tower of the old German boma (a fortified living compound; in colonial times, an administrative office), now part of the Musoma District Commissioner’s Office. It’s past the post office behind Mukendo Hill.

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