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5 simple things to consider when choosing local tour operator

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Choosing a local tour operator is vital for a perfect safari and I bet that no one would like to have bad experience for something you have been serving for years or you have been dreamed of since your childhood.
By knowing that I have prepared the most crucial things that if you consider when choosing your local tour operator your safari will be one of the kind.
But I want to open your mind first. Who is a good tour operator? Remember an experienced tour operator can ruin your safari while upcoming tour operator can provide you with the good experiences that will last forever. This simply means a good tour operator is a responsible tour operator. And below are the signs that indicate you are dealing with responsible tour operator.

  • Eligibility; is your operator registered to operate in that particular destination. Because if anything happens on your trip means that he will be responsible 100%
  • Response; look how fast he responds to your inquiry. Time is the only limiting factor if someone cares about time trust me he/she will be careful in all other areas.
  • Knowledge; is he knowledgeable about the destination or he is just a businessman who want to make profit. A knowledgeable operator is simply dedicated to what he is doing
  • Listening skills; a good operator always listen to your needs and give you a reasonable suggestions to make your experience better. But a good sign that you are dealing with bad a operator is that he will just try to sell you what he has been selling all the time.
  • Transparency; we all knows that in any business there are something’s a customer should not know about the business. But a good operator must be in a position to explain why he charges a particular amount for a particular package. Because tourism market is free market some may charge low just win the competition but behind the scene the employees are not paid well in order to retain his profit, or he might be avoiding government taxes. And some operators just charge high but in the end you don’t see the value for money you have paid.
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