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5 reasons why you should visit Tanzania

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  • Safety; Tanzania is one o the safest country in Africa and this can be proven by the fact that it has more than 100 tribes but the country is peaceful meanwhile civil unrest and tribe wars have been problem to many African countries till now. …learn more about safety of Tanzania in our article TANZANIA IS SAFE FOR TOURISM
  • Land of superlatives; from the world highest free standing mountain the mighty Kilimanjaro, the endless plains of Serengeti (the Africa’s leading safari destination), the 8th worlds natural wonder the Ngorongoro crater to the crystal clear waters of Zanzibar beaches
  • Responsible tourism; Tanzania government is very committed to ensure that the available natural resources will be there from generation by not supporting mass tourism in the protected areas, and majority of the revenue from tourism are dedicated to help the conservation efforts of these protected areas.
  • Cultural experiences; if you want to have the insight of African culture Tanzania is a perfect choice. As it gives you chance to have an insight the first human history in Olduvai gorge and experience how early human life was by visiting the Hadzabe tribe (the last hunter & gathers). Also Tanzania is home to the Africa’s famous tribe the Maasai.
  • Last but not least the kindness of Tanzanians if you ever talk to someone who has already visits the country the first thing will tell you how he/she was treated nicely throughout the safari.
  • These custom ready-made itineraries are only inspired by our travel experts and from the travelers who have traveled with us and given us positive feedback about their tour itineraries so we choose to share them with our future clients to have an opportunity to taste them. But we are always flexible in creating a tailor-made itinerary for our clients, so feel free to tell us what you want to experience on your trip (parks to visit, type and standard of accommodation, when to visit, number of days, etc.) and our safari experts will advise and prepare a nice proposal for you
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