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Tanzania and Food Tourism

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tanzania and food tourism

Tanzania and Food Tourism

As the culinary tours continue to be vibrant in different parties of the world such as Spain, Japan, Switzerland, Argentina, France, Italy, Turkey and many more. Culinary hub is slowly making major inroads in Tanzania, where thousands of eager and ravenous travelers are headed for a taste of authentic Swahili dishes and warm local hospitality.
Here are the views on Tanzania culinary experience from Pamela Rawlings a tourist from Scotland.
"It's my first time here, but I'm really enjoying the food. The local people are really friendly, too," said Pamela Rawlings.
According to her, the East African nation (Tanzania) with a long Indian Ocean coastline has great potential to become a culinary tourism hub where visitors from as far as Glasgow can sample sumptuous meals not only good on the palate but also rich in nutrition.
"When I visit a place, I'm always keen to visit places where people eat. And where ever possible, I try to eat with them at their homes," Rawlings said
That is way Tanzania Inside and Safari is founded to serve this niche by offering special packages for culinary experiences in Tanzania and including the tasting of local foods in our normal safari packages as part of add on to spice up visitors experience (“The real Taste of Africa”) as well as supporting local communities.
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