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At TANZANIA INSIDE AND SAFARI, we believe that an unforgettable safari adventure should not only be an incredible journey but also an affordable one. That's why we offer a range of safari discounts to make your dream safari experience both accessible and budget-friendly. Whether you're an early planner, a family traveler, or part of a group, our discounts are designed to cater to your unique needs.

1. Early Booking Discounts

We appreciate the value of careful planning, and to reward your foresight, we offer early booking discounts. When you book a safari with us three to five months in advance, you can enjoy significant discounts compared to last-minute bookings, especially during the high season. Early birds not only secure their preferred dates and accommodations but also save on their safari expenses.

2. Low Season Discounts

The African wilderness beckons all year round, and we want you to experience its wonders at the best possible prices. During the low season, when the crowds are thinner, we provide low season discounts. Many aspects of travel, from accommodations to park fees, become more affordable during this period. It's an excellent opportunity to witness the beauty of Tanzania while enjoying the benefits of reduced costs.

3. Family Tours Discounts

Families are at the heart of many memorable safari adventures, and we understand that your family's needs are unique. To make family travel more accessible, we offer family tours discounts. Our pricing takes into account both adults and children, ensuring that your entire family can enjoy an enriching safari experience without breaking the bank. Share the magic of the wild with your loved ones without worrying about the budget.

Adult price Child price (16-21 + yrs) Child price ( 12-15 years) Child price ( 5-11 years) Child (3-4 years)
AP 90% of AP 75% of AP 50% of AP Free

4. Group Discounts

Exploring Tanzania's remarkable landscapes and wildlife is even more enjoyable when shared with friends or fellow adventurers. For group travelers of four or more people, we extend our group discounts. This means that the more, the merrier—and the more affordable your safari becomes. Gather your group and embark on an unforgettable journey together, all while enjoying reduced rates.

5. More Than One Tour Discount

Why limit yourself to just one extraordinary experience when you can have multiple? At TANZANIA INSIDE AND SAFARI, we encourage you to combine adventures. If you book two or more tours with us, whether it's a safari and Zanzibar beach escape, a safari and Kilimanjaro trek, or any other combination, you deserve an exclusive discount. Your eagerness to explore Tanzania from every angle should be rewarded, and we're here to make it happen.

As your trusted safari partner, we're committed to making your dream safari a reality while ensuring that your budget remains intact. Our safari discounts are a token of our appreciation for choosing us as your safari provider. Get in touch with us today to plan your next adventure and to learn more about how you can benefit from our special offers.

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