What Makes A Good Safari

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What Makes A Good Safari

Here's a few pointers on how to recognize a good safari 


Almost all of the best safari experiences are delivered by people who understand and care about the bush. Safari should not be a job, it should be a calling, a passion. It is critical that you get yourself to places where this is the case.

Good safaris are passionate, authentic and, from time to time, really get the blood pumping. They immerse their guests in the bush and are prepared to take (carefully calculated) risks.

Most good safaris are operated in pure wilderness locations, far removed from the signs of humanity. The sense that you are surrounded by an apparently infinite and pristine wilderness is a subtle but integral part of the experience.

Good safaris are sustainable and unobtrusive, they interact gently and empathetically with the places, animals and people that they encounter.

Good safaris tend to travel more slowly, providing deeper and more fulfilling experiences. The ultimate luxury is often simply being able to take your time.

Good safaris are at least partially off-grid. The best camps aren't filled with guests sitting around on their phones, they are social places, where strangers come together to enjoy each other's company and share experiences.

Virtually all good safaris are private and tailor-made. No group departures or cookie-cutter trips. Each guest is an individual, who camp staff enjoy getting to know and spending time with. A great safari camp is a place where lifelong friendships are made.

Above all, good safaris (especially first safaris) should be genuinely life-punctuating events. When you return home from you trip you should feel completely refreshed and inspired, your life should have been somehow shifted by the experience and you should, as the months and years go by, find yourself being gently drawn back to Africa.

We did warn you that it's highly addictive, didn't we?